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We have team members that are experienced; with the heart to bring the arts to future generations.

"We Make The World A Better Place"

Saint Pierre

Founding Director

In 2009, he founded Music And Art For Youth when he brought hundreds of kids to the stage. In 2013, the organization became a 501 (c) (3) Non- Profit, and offered art scholarships, supported by donations. The arts include music, painting, theater, and PC animation.

Merridee McBride

Board Member

Merridee has a heart to serve the community. She loves to help the kids in the arts. She has gifted social skills, and speaks at our events. She has screened high level art kids, and has a love for the arts into the future generations for the world to enjoy & cherish.

Ellen James

Board Member CFO

Ellen provides oversight of our financials, and our operations. She started at our corporate WAV headquarters in July, 2014. She provides help with our events, loading & unloading equipment as needed. She has a good audition skill for the performing arts. She is loyal, honest, dependable, and loves to have fun in life. Ellen is a keeper.

Jed Swanson

Board Member Secretary

Since 2018, Jed has served Music And Art For Youth, as a kindhearted soul and our secretary. His faithfulness & accuracy for records & board meeting minutes is extraordinary. Jed has helped with hanging art exhibits, set up & load out of our fundraiser events. Being a talented artist himself, has been a platform for helping our kid visual artists.

Shana Radashaw

Board Member & Artist

Here is one of the most talented visual artists in the industry. Being a Board Member since February, 2018, she has demonstrated her love for our kids' cause. She is talented with guitar & singing at events, like the Farmers Market. She helps where needed. With a great personality, she has spoken to many supporters at our shows. As you can see, her art is original & exceptional, on guitars, which is her and medium in the fine arts. She  and Jed Swanson share & create the art at their studio, called Eyetunes Art.

Otis College Of The Arts

Here's where it all started when she came to Music And Art For Youth with her dream & goal to work at Disney Animation. Her first day at college was an exceptional experience in this 2 minute music video to commemorate.

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